Solution Architect / IT Consultant

Specialising in the design and delivery of enterprise scale, multi-disciplined solutions, in complex organisational and technical environments.

Alexander Kerr: LinkedIn

Designing the right solutions to meet the business needs is what it’s all about.

I’ve spent many years designing solutions across diverse business types that have required a variety of technologies and disciplines. In recent years those have been predominantly Cloud or Web Services, Enterprise Information Management as well as Infrastructure modernisation projects.

Engagements typically involve a lot of Business Analysis as well as Strategic and Tactical considerations in addition to working with teams from varied backgrounds and disciplines. I spend a lot of time being the mediator between stakeholders and facilitating common understanding.

Further back in time, my experience was mainly in designing and implementing enterprise application solutions and their supporting platforms, infrastructure and data centres.

In the distant past I also designed systems for the commercial market and wrote the process software to manufacture those systems.

Business Analysis, Project and Team Management, are all skills I develop because it helps get to the right designs and help see them successfully implemented. In my case these are supporting skills, not my focus.