Solution Architecture


  • Skill #1 = Problem Solving.
  • Skill #2 = Communication.
  • Skill #3 =Solution Architecture & Technical Design

IT Consultant – Enterprise & Corporate Solutions Architecture & Design

Alexander Kerr
Inter-organizational, multi-cloud, highly available, fully resilient, complex application stacks, cross-platforms, distributed infrastructures, middle-ware, data and transport encryption on PCI-DSS compliant networks. That’s my kind of problem !

Technical Architect Design Consultant.
Also known as a “Technology Consultant“, “Enterprise IT Consultant“, “Solutions Architect“, “Infrastructure Architect“, “Cloud Architect“, “Security Architect“, “Solutions / Technical Designer” or, “<insert your company’s version of the job title here>“.

I specialise in solving complex problems alongside large teams of expert contributors through the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise class solutions, services, infrastructures, platforms and applications.

You can contact me at for more info.