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About Alex

Who ? Where ?

Hi there !

Thanks for visiting my site.
In case you didn’t already know, my name is Alexander Kerr.
Call me Alex, all my friends do.

I’m a family guy and an engineer.
I live with my family and a number of pets in a rural area of Central Scotland where I work from my home office.

I spend the rest of my working time in the nearby cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow which, if you aren’t familiar with them, are both major financial centres.

What ?

Technology Architect & Design Consultant” is pretty broad brush title but as I expound elsewhere, job titles vary, so don’t read too much into it.

The bottom line ?
I design computer systems for globally recognisable brands in the finance sector.

The site purpose is to share some of what I’ve learned and hopefully, help you solve some technical, business or career problems with less effort than going it alone.

If you want to get in touch, you’ll find my email address near the bottom of this page.

Why ?

Micro-computers and baud rates.

I’ve been actively interested in computers since my dad brought a BBC Micro computer home from work in 1982. I’ve more or less been building and connecting them to each other ever since…
My first coding language was BASIC and, there was nothing “Visual” about it.

Automation and coding.

Skip forward a couple of decades to year 2000 and my first guru level gig.
Now, I’m a Software Engineer at a global computer manufacturing company. I spend my days (and nights) integrating new products into the manufacturing processes, developing build automation and tests.

Architecture and Design.

Skip forward again by another couple of decades to 2020.
Add design consultancy in manufacturing, defence, central and local government and, a later move into the financial sector to my professional track record along the way.
By now, I’m highly experienced in architecture and design: the core banking and payments systems I’m working on use a list of technologies that’s a mile long and enable data flow across traditional business and organisational boundaries.

How ?

Welcome to my laboratory.

I’m a big fan of hands-on experience.
That’s why my lab (a.k.a my office) is packed with all kinds of enterprise class gear: computers, servers, network switches, routers, security firewalls and cameras, as well as other gadgets including quite a few robots.

Fortunately, modern compute performance, virtualization and cloud computing technologies mean I need a lot less physical hardware than I used to.

The result is the ability to simulate even extremely complex infrastructures and solutions.

Virtualized Servers & Networks leave room for the ‘Important stuff‘.

My office is still packed but, virtualization means my garage is no longer filled with servers and network equipment.
That leaves room for more important stuff…

Testing a small engine after repairs. – You might want to turn your volume down…

Thanks again, but before you go.

That’s probably more than enough about me, this page might be ‘About Alex’ but, the site is about helping you solve problems whether technical, business or career.

So, with that in mind, take a look around and follow along as I explain stuff, solve problems and make things work.

I hope you find my site both useful and enjoyable !

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You can contact me at alex@alexanderkerr.co.uk

Solution Architecture


  • Skill #1 = Problem Solving.
  • Skill #2 = Communication.
  • Skill #3 =Solution Architecture & Technical Design

IT Consultant – Enterprise & Corporate Solutions Architecture & Design

Alexander Kerr
Inter-organizational, multi-cloud, highly available, fully resilient, complex application stacks, cross-platforms, distributed infrastructures, middle-ware, data and transport encryption on PCI-DSS compliant networks. That’s my kind of problem !

Technical Architect Design Consultant.
Also known as a “Technology Consultant“, “Enterprise IT Consultant“, “Solutions Architect“, “Infrastructure Architect“, “Cloud Architect“, “Security Architect“, “Solutions / Technical Designer” or, “<insert your company’s version of the job title here>“.

I specialise in solving complex problems alongside large teams of expert contributors through the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise class solutions, services, infrastructures, platforms and applications.

You can contact me at alex@alexanderkerr.co.uk for more info.


Hello world! – (again)

Time for a new beginning here @ my blog. I’ve decided to create everything new. New platform, new methods, new tools, new content. Watch this space, but not too closely, my project backlog is – not getting smaller while I work on my blog . Content is coming… ~ @lex